Electrical installations measurements

Regular measurements and inspections of the electrical installation guarantee the safety of people and property in the building. Neglecting this issue may result in serious consequences, therefore, in order to support customers who do not have the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and tools, we have introduced the service of measuring electrical installations to our offer.


Scope of works

When starting work, we always first verify whether the installation has been performed correctly, whether the devices have been connected in the right way. We will also check that no errors were made during the design of the network. An important stage of the inspection is also checking whether there are any visible mechanical damages (e.g. assessment of the condition of wires and connections). Then, some basic measurements are made, e.g. measurement of insulation resistance, which allows to determine the condition of wire insulation and whether it has been damaged. The effectiveness of protection against short circuits and fire protection is also subject to thorough verification.

The exact scope of the works depends on the specifics of the installation and the characteristics of the facility.

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Installation measurements - why is it worth it?

Measurements of electrical installations are your way to safety. See for yourself that performing them regularly means:

Health protection

Safety of the household and employees

Complying with the regulations

No loss of property

Lower fire risk

Failure prevention

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