New 32mm two-channel cable ramp

– reliable protection for your cables!

We present a two-channel cable ramp, designed for the professional protection of cables and wires in places exposed to intensive traffic of motor vehicles and pedestrians. Made of solid and durable materials, it provides long-term and effective protection against damage.

Reliability every step of the way:

  • Load capacity up to 6 tons per axle, guaranteeing safety even in front of large cars
  • Dual-channel design, allowing you to protect two independent wires at the same time
  • Stable and resistant construction, ideal for use in harsh conditions

Don’t worry about your cables and wires anymore. Choose our two-channel cable ramp that meets all expectations and needs in the field of professional protection. Give yourself and your equipment the comfort and safety you deserve!

najazd kablowy kjr
najazd kablowy 32 mm kjr
Cable Ramp KJR

Application of cable ramps

najazd kablowy 32 mm kjr


  1. Fairs
  2. Concerts
  3. Mass events
  4. Pedestrian paths
  5. Markets
  6. Workshops
  7. Factories
  8. Warehouses
  9. Shopping centers
  10. Department stores
  11. Multi-storey car parks
  12. Constructions and investment facilities
  13. Gas stations
  14. Airports and train stations
  15. Hospitals and medical facilities
  16. Sports and recreation facilities
  17. Hotels and conference centers
  18. Industrial parks
  19. Exhibition parks


Cable ramp data

Cable Ramp KJR

length: 97.5 cm width: 24 cm height: 4.5 cm number of cable channels: 2 dimensions of a single cable channel: 32 mm x 32 mm maximum outer diameter of cables: up to 30mm weight: 6 kg load capacity: approximately 6 tonnes per axle temperatura pracy: -30°C do +60°C

number of cable channels - 2

Load capacity - 10 tons

Type - openable

Innovative NEKU Cable Raids - protection, comfort, and reliability in one! Here are reliable NEKU cable ramps that combine functionality and durability with ease of use. By choosing this product, you get a professional solution for protecting wires and cables in all conditions. Buy or rent now!

najazd kablowy 32 mm kjr
najazd kablowy kjr
najazd kablowy kjr

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