Lighting masts

Lighting masts are a solution designed to provide good, precise lighting wherever work after dark is required. These are primarily construction sites or various types of outdoor events.

Maszt oświetleniowy - zastosowanie agregatu prądotwórczego

High quality, modern technology

The devices we offer are high-quality mobile masts and high-power lighting towers that are able to light workstations or light a larger area in all weather conditions. They use the latest LED technology, and some models are also equipped with a dusk sensor. This means they automatically turn on and off, requiring no manual operation.

The models available in our light mast rental offer are divided into hybrid, electric and diesel powered ones. This means that you can choose from a really large number of models, finding the one that best suits your needs.


Why is it worth renting a lighting mast?

Our masts mean quality, safety and a guarantee of efficient operation in all conditions. Check why it is worth using them. 

Large selection of models

Modern technology

Better lighting of workstations

Good lighting of escape routes

Easy operation

Wide power adjustment range

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