Military Services

An important area of our activity is servicing the military sector. For many years, we have been providing support for military maneuvers as well as energy supplies and sanitary facilities for both military events and the professional military sector. We are able to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions in the field of military maneuvers, ensuring the safety and comfort of using our devices.


Comprehensive service for the military sector

We provide comprehensive services in the field of construction and security of camps. We are able to design, price and create a “city in the field”. We supply containers, toilets, fences and power generators, as well as tents.

We operate throughout Europe.

We offer modern workshop tents and tents to live in, for the army. They can be used as a place to sleep, but also as a dining room or canteen, and even as an office space and command center.


Additional equipment for military tents

We can install additional equipment in the tent, at the customer's request. Using our offer, customers can count on equipment such as:

heating and air conditioning



Electrical installation

Smoke detector

Carbon dioxide detector

We offer comprehensive, innovative solutions that work well even in difficult field conditions. The tents we supply are easy to use and resistant to adverse weather conditions. It is an ideal option for the army and other rapid response services, both as a temporary and permanent base. Check our offer in the field of professional service for the military sector and contact us for an accurate quote.

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