Earthing and lightning protection systems

Safety should be a priority when installing and using an electrical installation. Protection against short circuit, electric shock or uncontrolled flow of lightning currents allows not only to prevent damage to property, but also serious consequences for the health and life of residents. The basic protection in this regard is provided by the various types of earthing and lightning protection systems we offer.


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The lightning protection and earthing systems we offer guarantee not only the fulfillment of fire protection requirements, but also ensure the proper functioning of electrical installations, and thus increase the safety of people staying in the building. The use of earth electrodes also allows for effective equalization of installation potentials, dissipation of overvoltage energy (both occurring in the electrical network and resulting from lightning discharges) and safe dissipation of lightning current discharged early from the lightning protection system in the ground.

Although the construction law requires the installation of a lightning protection system only in a few cases, it is worth considering it also in a residential building, as well as ensuring proper earthing of the installation to ensure maximum safety of people and property.


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