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How to make a generator quieter?

A power generator for rent is a device that is very necessary, but can also be somewhat cumbersome in some respects. It cannot be denied that power generators are quite loud equipment, so sooner or later their users want to find an answer to the question of how to quiet a power generator.

Today, we will try to suggest a few methods that will allow you to reduce the noise of the generator and make using it more comfortable.

Too much noise – why is it a nuisance?

In the beginning, it is worth introducing the definition of noise and explaining why it is considered so harmful. Noise is defined as unwanted sounds that are perceived as burdensome, disturbing, and irritating.

High noise level not only harms the well-being of the decoration in a noisy environment, but also harms its health.

When it exceeds the value of 35 dB, it begins to burden the nervous system and causes symptoms such as cognitive impairment, irritability, or sleep problems.

If the noise level starts to exceed 85 dB, the matter becomes even more serious, because it can even damage your hearing.

How to measure the noise level of a generator set?

As you can see, noise and its intensity are more serious issues than one might think. However, some devices generate noise during their operation, and it is not always possible to simply stop using them.

The same is true for generators, whose operating noise can become really disturbing. In such a situation, it is necessary to consider how to silence the power generator to an acceptable level.

The first step may be to measure the noise level. For this purpose, equipment that measures acoustic decibels should be used. Using one of these devices will allow you to assess to what extent the vibrations, vibrations, and sounds generated by a particular power generator may be burdensome to the health of people in the vicinity.

Soundproofing the generator set – how to do it?

The good news for industrial plant employees and other people who spend their days in a room with a running generator is the fact that several methods allow minimizing the level of generator noise.

Therefore, there is no need to completely give up on this type of equipment, but only take steps to make the noise it produces less bothersome.

This can be done, among other things, by investing in a muffler. This is a device that reduces noise emissions and works very similarly to a muffler installed in passenger cars. Importantly, mufflers do not harm the performance of generators.

Another way to minimize the number of vibrations and, consequently, the generated noise in the case of generators is to place your power generator on a special mat. We may know this solution from our homes, where similar mats are used for household appliances such as washing machines, which also generate annoying vibrations.

This is a simple method to reduce noise load, but it should be remembered that the solutions presented above require an additional financial investment.

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Soundproofing the generator – acoustic casing

A muffler that helps to silence the sounds emitted by the engine of equipment such as a power generator, and mats placed under the device, are not the only ways to silence the generator. It is possible to try to mechanically soundproof the device by placing it inside a housing.

Of course, it is important to check whether engines with combustion engines have adequate air circulation and exhaust. Such housing can be made of various materials. The simplest housing can be made from chipboard, although much more durable housings will be those created, for example, from containers.

Using an acoustic enclosure also involves financial outlays, but it is worth making this investment so that our device works in a quieter, and above all, safer way for our health.

Reducing the noise level by changing the location. Where to place the generator?

Performing acoustic insulation in the form of housing is often used as a way to silence power generators. Thanks to them, the sound emitted during the generator’s operation is significantly less bothersome.

However, not everyone realizes that there is a much simpler method to make our power generator less of a nuisance. The location of the generator also affects the equipment’s noise level. Changing the placement of the power generator to an area where people are less present (e.g. a garage) will make the sound emitted by the generator much less audible.

Of course, it is important to ensure proper ventilation and also pay attention to securing the area from children and other unauthorized persons. Protection from weather conditions is also important, as well as easy access for refueling the generator.

If these conditions are met, it is worth considering changing the location of the power generator before looking for other ways to silence it.

Quiet generators – it’s even easier to reduce the noise level

Using a generator as a power source is a popular and convenient solution. A generator can produce electricity in many emergencies and prevent, for example, production stoppages in industrial plants.

However, a large generator may not be necessary everywhere. While its power output is greater than that of smaller models, it also emits more noise. It may be worth considering looking for a generator on the market with a maximum noise level of 75 dB. Currently, more and more manufacturers, stores, and rental companies offer these types of models. A quiet power generator will be suitable even for home, apartment, or office use.

If, on the other hand, such a device has insufficient power, which can happen in large industrial plants, we recommend using the advice described in the previous paragraphs, which will certainly be useful.

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